Solko & Yvonne

Very – VERY- welcoming lodge in the middle of the African bush”

We stayed here for a total of 4 nights and were very pleasantly surprised by this Lodge. When we arrived and they apparently had heard we were coming they were standing outside to welcome us. We were handed a warm towel to clean our hands after our long drive on the Panorama route. We were then taken to our room and we were flabbergasted, if heaven would be as good as this room and the facilities such as the bathroom and (double) shower I will start believing right away 🙂 The double shower can be real fun!! 😉

The hosts, Yvonne and Gerard by the way, helped us with any request we had even if the request was not related to the lodge itself such as helping out getting the papers we needed to visit Swaziland.

Even though this lodge does not advertise itself as a big 5 lodge the hosts can easily arrange this for you, just tell them you would like to and they will arrange a close by (30 – 45 min drive to the location) game drive where we saw the BIG 5.

We could probably go on and on but of course it would be best to go and get your own experience with these wonderful (Dutch) people and you would best do this by getting your room there for a couple of nights!